With a modern stainless steel and sleek black glass finish, the Caple ZZ801 Hood creates the ultimate focal point in any kitchen. With a push of a button, this hood will produce an impressive 600m³ per hour extraction rate and remove potentially toxic pollutants and airborne smoke and grease, to make your kitchen space a healthier place to be.

Caple is known for their fresh and exciting products, and the ZZ801 definitely lives up to this. With sleek touch control, the zz801 hood will give you precise and reliable control over its 4 speeds of extraction. No matter whether you're frying fish or steaming vegetables, you will be able to tailor the air extraction rate to the food you're cooking.


Innovative Design

The ZZ801 also features two modern 6.5W LED light strips, to provide plenty of extra light to keep track of your cooking with.

LED lights are a more modern choice, compared to the usual incandescent bulbs. They'll use around 90% less light and last for around 25-30 years. The instant, bright light from LED bulbs is beneficial to both cooking and cleaning and the extra light is useful to help prevent cuts and burns when preparing food.


Auto Timer

The ZZ801 hood also features a handy auto-timer, which automatically switches the hood off after 10 minutes, allowing you to get on and enjoy the results of your cooking, whilst remaining steam and smells from cooking clear from the kitchen space.


Easy Clean

As it is stainless steel and glass, the ZZ801 cooker hood can easily be wiped down and cleaned with ease. Ensuring that your hood is kept clean is important, especially with how quickly thick layers of grease can settle on the surface.

The hood also features an aluminium grease filter, to capture the grease as it rises from your hob. This prevents it from settling on kitchen surfaces and leaving you with hard-to-remove residues to scrub away. Aluminium grease filters are also exceptionally easy to clean, as they are easily removed from the hood and can even be put in the dishwasher to wash, making your life that bit easier.



The ZZ801 cooker hood also has an excellent maximum noise level of 62db. So, when in operation the hood will be brilliantly silent, creating very little intrusion and just as much noise as a quiet conversation. This keeps the kitchen as a social area, where time can be spent both entertaining and spending quality time with family.


If you’re a passionate foodie or see yourself as a top home chef, Caple is the perfect brand, coupling both build quality and innovative technology. However, when purchasing an appliance, you still require great customer service and delivery options in . At harrap limited you can get Caple Cooker Hoods with an excellent quality of service at a guaranteed unbeatable price. To find out more, get in touch with a member of our team today.