You've invested a lot of time and money into your wine collection, so of course, you'll want a perfect place to store it. All wines react to their environment, so a Caple Wi157 Wine Cabinet is a must-have for anyone who wants to enjoy the full flavour of any bottle of wine.

Bringing a modern touch, combined with clever technology to your home, the Wi157 Undercounter Wine Cabinet from Caple will store 8 Bordeaux style wine bottles with ease. It's stylish, versatile and designed for any serious entertainer.


UV Protection

Ultraviolet light can damage wine, causing light strike, which makes wine age prematurely. So, it's important to avoid exposing bottles to sunlight or fluorescent light. In the Wi157 Wine Cabinet, your bottles will be lit using UV/heat-free white LED lighting, to both look great when you're entertaining and protect them from damaging heat.

What's more, the Wi157 has UV toughened glass, that keeps your wine further protected from sunlight.


Vibration Free

Vibration during storage can influence how your wine will taste, hugely. That's why the Caple Wi157 wine cabinet comes with anti-vibration gaskets and low vibration compressors to prevent the amount of disturbance to the wine's sediment balance.


Innovative Features for Fine Wine

The Wi157 also features the innovative No-Frost compressor cooling technology. Most conventional wine cabinets will have thermoelectric technology, which is only capable of cooling your wine down to 15°C below the room's ambient temperature. So, on a warm day of around 25°C, the contents will only be able to 10°C, leaving your wine exposed to potentially damaging temperatures.

That's why Caple's wine coolers use an innovative compressor cooling system, which will maintain precisely the right temperature, regardless of the ambient room temperature.

The Wi157 will also create the ideal humidity for storing your wine - above 65%, to preserve cork quality and prevent mould and odours.

Caple's wine coolers also store bottles on their side. This is so the wine keeps in contact with the cork. This will keep the cork moist and ensures that a perfect air seal is kept in the bottle, to prevent unwanted oxidation and immediate ageing.

When you choose the Wi157 from Caple, you can be confident that your wine is in good hands.


Perfect, Seamless Integration

The Wi157 will only produce 44dB of noise, making it outstandingly quiet - no louder than a whisper. When it's in operation, you certainly won't find it disturbing your socialising and entertaining - keeping the kitchen as a social area.


Helping the Environment

What's more, the Wi157 is also brilliantly energy efficient. With an energy efficiency class A, this wine cooler will only consume 135 kWh/yr of energy. It is also completely CFC and HFC free, so you can sit back, relax and enjoy your wine with the peace of mind that your money is being spent wisely and you're doing your bit towards helping the environment.

Providing excellent storage solutions for passionate foodies and wine lovers alike, Caple is the perfect brand. With a long reputation for coupling outstanding build quality and clever functions, you're guaranteed perfection in every glass. However, even when you've chosen the perfect wine coolers, you still require great customer service and delivery options in . At harrap limited you can get the Caple Wi157 Wine Cooler with great service and a guaranteed excellent price.