A modern addition to any home, the WMi3005 Washing Machine from Caple cleans your laundry whilst still protecting and caring for it. Complete with a minimalist white finish, the WMi3005 fits perfectly into any home and brings it incredible performance.

With a spacious 8kg washing space, this washing machine is an all-rounder, with the capability to both fully wash your clothing and save you time in your busy day-to-day routine.

As well as never compromising on load time, the WMi3005 provides an outstanding A+++ energy efficiency and a wash class of A, to reduce your energy consumption by at least 10% - this will have an excellent impact on your monthly bills! Don't be put off by this excellent efficiency either, this machine will still deliver effective cleaning.


Outstanding Features

The Caple WMi3005 Washing Machine has a huge range of innovative features, including:

  • Cotton Intensive
  • Cotton 60º
  • Cotton 40º
  • Cotton 20º
  • Eco
  • Rinse
  • Baby Care
  • Sports
  • Synthetic
  • Mixed
  • Delicate
  • Wool
  • Drain
  • Spin

Sometimes, you need clean clothes in a hurry and don't have the time to wait for a full cycle. Luckily on the WMi3005 there is also the fast wash option. The fast wash will wash your clothes much quicker than the normal cycle, taking only 15 minutes. This is a great choice for small, lightly stained items that you need to clean in a hurry.

This washing machine also has a handy delay timer, which allows you to delay the wash for up to 24 hours, and run it whenever is best for you and your daily schedule.


Safety First

Keeping your family safe is vital, that's why the WMi3005 has a range of features to protect you and your family against floods or accidents.

One innovative feature on the WMi3005 is the door lock. This will stop your little ones opening the machine when they shouldn't and making a mess.

It's also very easy to add that bit too much detergent to the wash. This machine feature anti-foam technology which prevents an overflow of foam or bubbles, by automatically adjusting the length of the cycle to compensate.


A Family-Sized Capacity

The Caple WMi3005 also has a capacity of 8kg, which is excellent for a medium sized family. As a rule of thumb, this capcity will be able to fit around 40 t-shirts or a queen sized duvet in one load.


For family homes, Caple is the perfect brand, but when you've made your decision on which appliance you want, you will still require great customer service and delivery options in Southhampton. At harrap limited you can get the Caple WMi3005 Washing Machine with great service and a guaranteed unbeatable price, so why not get in touch today?